Slip and Fall Accidents

Representing Victims of Slip and Fall Accidents

If you’ve slipped and fallen, now is the time to reach out to an experienced Glastonbury attorney for help. Many people slip and fall on business premises, as well as in government buildings or even on someone else’s private property. There are many hazards which can send a person tumbling to the ground and cause serious injury.

Fortunately, Connecticut law requires that property owners use adequate care to make their property safe for visitors. However, it’s not enough that you have fallen and hurt yourself. You need to establish a link between the property owner’s actions and your injuries. Contact a Glastonbury slip and fall attorney at Tehrani Law Group today for help.

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Slip and Fall Hazards

Many dangerous conditions can lead to a slip and fall:

  • Weather Conditions: Snow, sleet, ice, or even rainwater can all cause a person to lose their footing.
  • Debris: Paper, trash, and other debris can lead to a slip.
  • Spilled Liquids: Any condensation or pooled liquids can make the floor slippery. A smashed bottle of pickles or air conditioner condensation can lead to a fall.
  • Poor Visibility: Inadequate lighting or even glare can prevent a person from finding their footing.
  • Lack of Maintenance: Worn carpets, buckled floorboards, and disintegrating staircases often cause injury. For example, a property owner might not replace a banister that falls off an old staircase.

Property Owner’s Duty of Care

Connecticut hasn’t created a “one size fits all” duty which lays out in detail how owners must maintain their properties. Instead, the general rules will depend on why you were on the property when you were hurt. This is called your “status”:
  • Invitee: Someone on property to do business or as an invited guest is an invitee. Property owners must inspect the property for defects and take steps to make the property reasonably safe. They are also liable for any defects which they could have discovered with reasonable inspection.
  • Licensee: A person permitted to be on the property is a licensee. Owners must refrain from willfully hurting them and warn of hidden dangers the owner actually knows about.
  • Trespasser: A trespasser has no right to enter or remain on property. The owner must refrain from intentionally injuring trespassers and, if they allow the trespasser to remain, treat them as a licensee.
Special rules apply to child trespassers. If the owner knows children will be on the property, they must fix dangerous conditions or keep children away from them.

What to Do Immediately Following a Fall

We strongly recommend that you take these steps to solidify your claim for compensation:
  1. Photograph the hazard, using your phone. You want to show it exists. Snow and ice can melt, and owners can remove trash or fix worn carpets.
  2. Identify witnesses who saw the fall and get their contact information. They can testify as to what caused your accident.
  3. Immediately go to the hospital for treatment. The sooner you see a doctor, the better. You also begin to document the severity of your injuries.

Contact Our Glastonbury Slip and Fall Attorney

This might be the most critical step. Our law firm can immediately begin a claim for compensation and negotiate a settlement with the property owner. Call Tehrani Law Group today to get started.

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