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Established just outside of Hartford, CT, our professional lawyers at Tehrani Law Group, LLC provide approachable personal injury representation across the state. We enjoy working with all our previous clients and the kind words of support and recommendation they continue to give to our business. If you find yourself in need of legal assistance with a personal injury-related matter, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to our clients and provide a simplified, transparent process to reduce the stress surrounding legal matters.

Below are some of the experiences our previous clients have shared. We appreciate their support and hope their recommendation can help build your confidence in our abilities to fully serve you and your loved ones in all your legal needs.



"Thank you Payman for a great experience! I felt you immediately understood the situation we were dealing with and worked hard to resolve it. Thank you for being thorough, keeping lines of communication open and being transparent with me. It made the precess so much easier!!"

K. Kouromihelakis Former Client

"This was my first time in the court system needless to say I was nervous . Tehrani was very good to me I have severe anxiety and get tripped up very easily . My charge was pretty severe and had to do some outbound treatment . Tehrani actually checked up on me and it wasn’t to make sure I was doing the program but actually just so see how I was doing that ment a lot to me . Hopefully I never have to go to court again but if I do he’s the only person I’ll use ."

Alex Former Client

"Outstanding! Honestly that has to be the best word for this law group. I was completely lost and overwhelmed when my brand new 2022 Mazda got totaled I thought I would never drive again due to trama but with a great team behind you working over time to get you everything you need it has to be one of the best feelings in the world. Overall im so thankful for this law group really made me feel at home thank you so much !"

J. Vargas Former Client

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