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Dogs are one of the most popular pets in Hartford, Connecticut. Our city has a leash law to protect the public and ensure no one is ambushed or bitten by a dog, but many owners fail to follow it. Unsurprisingly, Hartford Animal Control receives over 2,000 calls every year for service, and the department is responsible for boarding nearly 450 dogs.

Although Animal Control can take possession of a dangerous animal, dog bite victims can also seek compensation from the owner. This money will help cover your medical care, lost income, and other expenses. Please contact Tehrani Law Group today to discuss your case with a Hartford dog bite attorney.

Why Dog Bites Happen

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but a dog attack or bite can come out of the blue. There are many reasons why animals bite, including confusion or fear. Some dogs might become over-excited by the presence of your own dog, even if it’s on a leash.

Dog bites happen in a variety of situations:

  • An owner lets their dog run free in violation of Hartford’s leash law. The animal then bites someone on the sidewalk or in a park.
  • A visitor is attacked by a dog in someone’s home because the animal is agitated.
  • A trespassing child is attacked when it tries to pet or feed a dog.
  • A dog attacks a person and their pet, seriously injuring the human and possibly killing the companion animal.

Dog Bites Are Dangerous

This is one of the worst accidents because victims suffer many painful complications:

  • Puncture wounds. A canine’s teeth can puncture the skin and damage underlying tissue.
  • Lacerations. A dog’s teeth can twist and tear. Lacerations end up as disfiguring scars, which are very embarrassing when located on a visible part of the body.
  • Amputation. A dog’s teeth could shred veins, leading to massive bleeding and ultimately limb loss.
  • Infection. Dog bites cause serious infections which might require hospitalization.

You should immediately go to the hospital and tell the doctor you were bitten by a dog. Some infections, like rabies, are deadly, but a doctor can administer a life-saving vaccine.

Seeking Compensation for a Dog Bite

Connecticut has a dog bite statute, found at Section 22-357, which makes the dog owner or keeper liable when a dog hurts someone or damages property. The law has some limitations. For example, you aren’t entitled to compensation if you were trespassing or teasing or abusing the dog. Nonetheless, this is a powerful weapon for victims, since the owner is liable for damages regardless of whether they were careful in restraining their animal.

Under this statute, we have sued:

  • Owners
  • Keepers
  • Kennels
  • Anyone else keeping the animal

You can seek full compensation for medical care, income loss, pain, emotional distress, and damage to other property, such as injuries to your pet if it was mauled by a dog.

How Much Can You Receive?

A typical dog bite settlement in Hartford will probably run around $30,000 to $50,000. You might qualify for more or less, depending on certain facts. For example, if you end up losing a limb or needing reconstructive surgery, you can sue for more.

A key consideration is whether the owner has insurance. Businesses like kennels should have liability insurance, as should other businesses. A dog owner might also have homeowner’s insurance, which can pay compensation for a dog bite attack.

Insurers often reject claims. They could allege you were trespassing as an adult, or that you tormented the dog. You need strong evidence to back up your claim that you are entitled to compensation.

Tehrani Law Group can help. We have experience documenting animal attacks by speaking to witnesses and medical professionals, as well as helping you record your memories of what happened.

Other Animal Bites & Attacks

Dogs are not the only animal that can wound a person. You or a child could suffer serious complications if bitten by a cat, snake, horse, or other animal. Some people even keep wild animals in their apartments or homes.

Although you can’t use the dog bite law mentioned above, you can still sue for negligence if the owner failed to use reasonable care and it was foreseeable you might be hurt. Negligence exists when owners:

  • Fail to restrain their pets
  • Fail to warn visitors of a dangerous animal
  • Allow fencing to fall down or let animals escape the property

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