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Personal Injury

We understand the expense, frustration, and anger that our clients experience when dealing with insurance companies who try to question their injuries and minimize their pain and suffering. After all, it is the goal of the insurance companies to avoid paying. It is important to seek legal advice if you or a loved one are injured in an accident.

Here at Tehrani Law Group, LLC, we handle a wide variety of personal injury claims in Connecticut including but not limited to:

  • Car Accidents: Auto accidents can result in serious bodily injury, and even death. Our firm knows how to hold negligent drivers accountable for their reckless actions and help you get back on your feet.
  • Truck Accidents: The sheer size and weight of these vehicles makes it clear to see that any accident involving a truck should be taken as seriously as possible.
  • Bicycle Accidents: Whether you take your bicycle to work or spend time with your family riding around our beautiful state, when a bicyclist and a motor vehicle collide, the injuries can be severe.
  • Uber Accidents: Rideshare claims are complex. Our firm makes them simple.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcyclists are often overlooked while on the road and often end up with the worst injuries when they’re involved in a crash.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: Pedestrians injured by motor vehicles often sustain serious injuries. We help those injured by reckless drivers recover the compensation they are owed.
  • Bus Accidents: Whether you use the bus for commuting to work or simply around our cities, accidents may occur. Let our firm help you work through these claims.
  • Scooter Accidents: Scooters are being used more and more around the country with little to no safety protocol for those using them or the others on the road.
  • Dog Bite Injuries and Attacks: When negligent dog owners don’t properly leash, train, or restrain their animals, others, including children, can be seriously harmed.
  • Traumatic Brain InjuriesBrain and head injuries sustained in accidents can leave victims with a lifetime of medical bills and suffering. 
  • Neck and Back Injuries: We don’t take these injuries lightly and neither should you. See how we can help you recover compensation for neck and back injuries.
  • Burn Injuries: Auto accidents, work-related injuries, and other events can lead to first, second, and third-degree burns and disfigurement.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: These injuries can lead to paralysis, speech, vision, and other impairments.
  • DUI-Related InjuriesDrunk drivers often cause serious accidents. Our firm is dedicated to fighting for the victims of accidents caused by impaired drivers.
  • Catastrophic Injuries: Paralysis, quadriplegia, amputation, and other serious consequences of accidents can seriously alter one’s life. 
  • Wrongful Death: The loss of loved ones in unexpected incidents is tragic. Let our firm fight for your family’s rights and those you have lost due to reckless actions of others.

Criminal Defense

While we pride ourselves in being experts in personal injury law, our firm also handles criminal cases in Connecticut. We are confident in our ability to provide full-service criminal defense representation in the following areas and more:

  • Misdemeanors: There are many classes of misdemeanors and a variety of factors that play into each class. Misdemeanors are divided up into classes A, B, C, D and some are left uncategorized.
  • Felonies: Similar to misdemeanors, felonies have different classes and factors that determines the consequences tied to them.
  • Traffic Offenses: Traffic violations in Connecticut are broken up into infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies.
  • DWI/DUI: Drunk driving is a criminal offense and these charges must be taken seriously. Our Glastonbury criminal defense attorney is prepared to help defend your rights.

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