Representing Motorcycle Accident Victims in Glastonbury

We Help Victims Injured in Glastonbury Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is increasingly popular in Glastonbury. Some of our neighbors ride a bike for their daily commute to work or school, while others like to strap on some goggles and enjoy the fresh air and Glastonbury’s scenery, especially along the Connecticut River during summer.

Unfortunately, many bikers end up in the hospital after a devastating accident. Tehrani Law Group can help. Our motorcycle accident lawyer in Glastonbury can swing into action to build a case for compensation if you reach out to us today.

Common Motorcycle Accidents

Accidents can happen anywhere, at intersections or on the open road. There are many causes, but driver error is a common one. Very few drivers are aware of motorcyclists, and many don’t want to show motorcyclists the common courtesy they extend to other drivers. Consequently, they crash into our clients and cause shocking injuries.

Many of our clients are injured in the following types of accidents:

  • Rear-End Collisions: Many motorists fail to brake in time and smash into the back of a bike, especially one stopped at a red light. Unfortunately, lane splitting is not legal.
  • Head-On Collision: A distracted, drunk, or fatigued driver could drift into your lane and crash into you head on. These accidents are often fatal.
  • Left-Turn Accident: A common accident involves a driver hanging out in an intersection to make a left-hand turn. However, the driver never sees a motorcyclist coming through the intersection and pulls into them.
  • Open-Door Collisions: A passenger in a parked car could open a door, which a motorcyclist riding close to the shoulder will hit.
  • Sideswipes: Some drivers get too close when trying to pass, and they can strike the side of a bike.
  • Road Defects: Any road defect could upend a motorcycle. Many Connecticut roads have giant potholes due to our harsh winters. A motorcycle could flip when it hits one.

If you were injured in a crash, you should sue the entity responsible. Often, a driver on the road is to blame, but sometimes the government is at fault for a defective road.

Motorcycle Accidents Cause Painful Injuries

A motorcyclist is incredibly vulnerable to serious injuries in a crash. They could suffer a direct blow to their body, or they might be thrown from their bike and skid along the asphalt. We have seen some terrible injuries:

  • Fractures: Any bone in the body could break due to the impact of a collision. Our clients can fracture their arm, leg, or pelvis.
  • Road Rash: Exposed skin can suffer a friction burn when it rubs against the road. Road rash is difficult to treat and can become infected, requiring antibiotics and possibly skin grafts.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): Helmets can reduce the risk of head trauma but cannot completely eliminate it. A TBI can leave a biker with impaired movement, memory, or cognition. Some TBIs can leave someone in a coma for weeks or months.
  • Back injuries: A person can wrench their back and suffer a strain or sprain. They could also fracture their vertebrae or displace one of their discs.
  • Chest injuries: A fractured rib can cause many problems, including pneumonia or a punctured lung. A heart contusion could be fatal.
  • Spinal cord damage: Any injury to the cord could lead to paralysis or impaired sensation and be impossible to treat.

Please go immediately to the hospital following a crash. Some injuries might only manifest after a delay of a day or two, but you will benefit from prompt treatment.

How Our Legal Team Can Help Your Case

Bringing a claim for a motorcycle accident is harder than many people imagine. Gathering evidence takes time and legal knowledge. For example, someone on their phone could have struck you because they were distracted. To prove your case, you might need to subpoena their cell phone records, which will show they were talking in the seconds leading up to a collision.

Other evidence to establish fault includes eyewitness testimony and photographs of the scene of the accident. Nearby businesses might have caught the crash on their surveillance video. Our lawyer can find this information to use in your case. We can also present evidence in a compelling way to secure compensation. Many insurance adjusters or jurors automatically assign fault to the motorcyclists, but we can show you were driving carefully in the lead up to the wreck.

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