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Manchester, CT Woman Injured in Wrong-Way Collision

Wrong-way collisions are some of the most dangerous that motorists can experience. When two cars collide head-to-head, one or both drivers could suffer fatal injuries. Even those who survive can struggle to recover from the trauma. Head injuries, back injuries, and fractures are common injuries.

According to the Journal Inquirer, a Manchester woman has recently been hurt in a wrong-way collision on Route 5/15 in East Hartford. The driver, a 33-year-old woman from Bristol, was headed south on the northbound lane. Her Honda Civic collided with a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo driven by twenty-six-year-old Lamiya Edwards of Manchester. The driver ended up dying at the scene. Fortunately, Edwards suffered only relatively minor injuries and was treated at the Hartford Hospital. She is expected to make a full recovery.

What Causes Wrong-Way Collisions?

Police are continuing to investigate the car crash in East Hartford to uncover the cause of the accident. Some people wrongly assume that a driver going the wrong way is always to blame for a crash. And that is sometimes true. But in other situations, poor road design can confuse even reasonably careful drivers.

Many wrong-way crashes stem from:

  • Chemical Impairment: A drunk or high driver might not know what they are doing or suffer confusion. Others take dangerous risks because the drugs or alcohol suppress any inhibition. In these situations, the drunk driver is to blame for the crash.
  • Fatigue: A tired driver might nod off and slide over the center line into oncoming traffic before they can wake up. A fatigued driver usually is liable for their collision since they shouldn’t drive when too tired.
  • Missing Road Signs or Lane Markings: Many signs are vandalized, and lane markings wear out over time. Poor road conditions like this can make wrong-way accidents unavoidable, especially for drivers who are not familiar with the roads. The government agency responsible for the road is often liable for these collisions.
  • Poor Road Design: Some roads are designed in a confusing manner, which can lead even an alert driver to go the wrong way.
  • Reckless Driving: Some motorists are speeding away from the cops and deliberately go the wrong way, or they are out for a joyride. Reckless drivers bear liability for their collisions.

Can You Sue for Compensation?

Yes. Once you identify who is to blame for the wrong-way accident, you can bring a claim for any property damage and bodily injuries you suffer. At Tehrani Law Group, we are skilled at collecting evidence to help understand how the accident happened. We can interview witnesses and inspect the vehicles involved.

When signs are missing or the road design is poor, all motorists could bring a lawsuit for compensation—even the driver going the wrong way.

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