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How Can Criminal Offenses Affect My Life?

If you get charged with a serious criminal offense, there are a number of important issues you will face. To ensure the best outcome, you should work with an experienced Glastonbury criminal defense attorney to address those issues during the course of representing you.

First and foremost, whether you are dealing with a criminal charge, you need to be aware of how your legal case will affect your employment.  For example, you must ask yourself “will my employer discipline, suspend or terminate me if I am convicted?”, or “will I lose my licensure, certifications, or ability to work if I am convicted?” This is particularly important if you work for an employer that requires you to successfully complete background check, obtain security clearance (whether public trust or top secret) prior to or during your employment, or requires you to keep and maintain a commercial driver’s license.

You must also take into consideration the effect it may have on your day-to-day life. For someone convicted of a sex crime, they will most likely have their name registered on a sex offender registry. This could affect their family, friends, neighbors, and other important aspects of their lives for years to come.

To avoid issues surrounding your licensure, certifications or other important credentials, make sure your attorney is aware of your employer, current licensure and, certifications. Ensure your lawyer will be able to negotiate a disposition in your case to protect your job. If you find yourself facing criminal charges, contact our criminal defense attorney in Glastonbury immediately so we can help reduce or even dismiss charges brought against you.