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Report: Pedestrian Collisions Remain a Persistent Safety Hazard in Connecticut

According to a report from the Hartford Courant, communities across Connecticut have seen a recent spate of deadly pedestrian collisions. After several years of progress, there is some preliminary data that suggests that serious pedestrian collisions are once again increasing in Connecticut. In this article, our Connecticut pedestrian accident attorney explains the key things to know about the rising number of collisions in our region and your rights if you are hurt in a crash. 

Growing Concern About Pedestrian Safety in Connecticut 

In June of 2022, a 61-year-old man named Bob Oneal was killed in a pedestrian accident in West Hartford. Some roadway safety advocates blamed the tragic crash on inadequate safety precautions taken by West Hartford city officials. It is just one of the latest of a series of high-profile pedestrian accidents in our state. 

Alarmingly, some recent data from the Connecticut Department of Transportation suggests that serious pedestrian accidents are on the rise. In the first five months of 2022, there were 17 confirmed pedestrian fatalities in the state and 71 suspected serious injuries. If the trend continues, 2022 will be the most dangerous year in Connecticut for pedestrians since 2017. 

Injured Pedestrians Have a Right to Pursue Compensation

A pedestrian is not a match for an oncoming car. Even when a vehicle is traveling at a relatively low rate of speed, a pedestrian accident can still result in catastrophic injuries or a fatality. Following a pedestrian accident, injured victims need justice. Here are four things to know about pedestrian crash claims in Connecticut: 

  1. You Should Seek Immediate Medical Attention: All pedestrian accident injuries in Connecticut should be evaluated by a qualified physician. Injured pedestrians have a right to see a doctor. Doing so is critical to protect your health and necessary to bring a legal claim.  
  2. Your Pedestrian Collision Requires an Investigation: Connecticut is a tort (at-fault) pedestrian accident state. The driver or other party at fault for the crash is responsible for the damages. These are evidence-based cases. Your crash should be investigated. 
  3. You Have the Right to Seek Compensation: You can seek compensation for the full value of economic and non-economic damages. A settlement may include money for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and permanent disfigurement/disability. 
  4. You Should Speak to a Lawyer Before an Insurer: The big insurance companies will not have your best interests in mind. You should always consult with an experienced Connecticut pedestrian accident attorney before you speak to an insurance adjuster. 

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Top Connecticut Pedestrian Accident Attorney

At Tehrani Law Group, LLC, we provide aggressive, approachable legal representation to victims. If you were hurt in a pedestrian crash, our legal team can help. We fight tirelessly to protect the rights and interests of injured pedestrians. Contact us today to set up a free, strictly confidential initial legal consultation. With a law office in Glastonbury, we handle pedestrian accident claims in Hartford, West Hartford, Enfield, Manchester, Avon, and throughout the whole region.