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Glastonbury Personal Injury Lawyer

Legal Help for Accidental Injuries in Glastonbury

Glastonbury is one of the first communities settled by English colonists in 1636. Named after Glastonbury in Somerset, England, our community continues to draw new people attracted to the city’s fascinating history and employment opportunities. The city continues to enjoy strong growth and is home to many large employers.

Tehrani Law Group, LLC remains committed to helping those injured in Glastonbury seek compensation when a negligent person harms them. We have assisted those suffering from many types of bodily injuries, including the most serious brain injuries or spinal column damage. Bringing a personal injury claim is difficult, with many pitfalls for the unwary. Please contact our law firm to discuss your legal options.

Hurt in an Accident? We Can Assist You

Tehrani Law Group can step in and provide legal representation to those injured by:

  • Dog bites: Dog owners are strictly liable when their animals bite other people or injure their pets. You can sue so long as you weren’t trespassing or tormenting the animal.
  • Car crashes: Car accidents are some of the most common in Glastonbury, typically caused by a negligent driver. We can gather facts to explain the accident and seek compensation.
  • Truck accidents: Large trucks like tractor-trailers cause devastating injuries when they collide with other vehicles on the road. We know how to hold negligent truckers and their employers accountable.
  • Bicycle accidents: Bicyclists experience serious injuries in crashes.
  • Pedestrian accidents: Pedestrians deserve compensation when a negligent driver strikes them in an intersection or parking lot or on the sidewalk.
  • Wrongful death: Some accidents end up killing a loved one. Surviving family members can often sue, and we will describe the process in a consultation.

You Deserve Fair Compensation for Painful Injuries

Accidents often send victims to the emergency room for treatment with some of the worst injuries:

  • Burn injuries: Serious burns require skin grafts and could result in the loss of a limb.
  • Fractures: Bone can shatter into dozens of pieces or slice through nearby soft tissue, such as veins.
  • Neck and back injuries: These injuries often cause disabling pain due to pinched or compressed nerves, as well as soft-tissue damage. Someone with a neck or back injury could be unable to leave bed for months.
  • Brain injuries: Any damage to the brain can lead to memory loss, mood swings, imbalance, slurred speech, and other problems—at least temporarily. When oxygen loss damages brain nerves, the results are often permanent.
  • Crush injuries: Heavy objects landing on a person’s limb can lead to fracture and “crush syndrome,” which might be fatal if not treated promptly.
  • Catastrophic injuries: Paralysis, amputation, and brain damage leave permanent injuries, making it hard to ever return to normal.

Our firm will do everything in our power to obtain compensation to cover your out-of-pocket expenses, including medical care and income loss. You should also receive fair compensation for the inconvenience, pain, and emotional distress that accompanies most physical injuries.

The amount you receive hinges on many factors, like the amount of insurance available and whether you were partially at fault. In Connecticut, your compensation is reduced by your degree of fault, so we always look closely at your own actions leading up to the accident.

Why Obtaining Compensation is Difficult

Bringing a personal injury claim is not as easy as picking up the phone and talking with an insurance adjuster. They have little incentive to make a fair settlement offer. Instead, you need the aggressive representation that Tehrani Law Group provides.

Some of the hurdles preventing settlement include:

  • Disagreement over fault. We can help you find evidence to establish who is to blame for the accident, while minimizing your own contributory negligence.
  • Lack of evidence over your injuries. You need to prove that you are seriously injured and feel considerable pain to receive the most compensation. Let us coordinate with your medical team to fully document your bodily injuries.
  • Deadlines. Accident victims get only two years to sue. We can file a lawsuit quickly if you are approaching this deadline.
  • Delays and poor communication. Some insurers adopt a strategy of refusing to investigate an accident, or they simply refuse fault. Our legal team can ensure that you are treated fairly and honestly.

Call Our Glastonbury Personal Injury Lawyer for More Info

Personal injuries have long-lasting impacts on many people’s lives. You need the assistance of a seasoned legal advocate to fight to obtain meaningful compensation. If you have questions, please call our firm today, (860) 261-6770 to speak with our lawyer about your case.