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What Should You Consider When Finding an Attorney?

Let’s be honest, no one likes searching for a lawyer.  You are more than likely already stressed out by your legal situation, the last think you want to do is go online and start the endless process of researching lawyers in and around your area to find out who best meets your needs, and what his/her reviewers say about their services.  If you find yourself in this predicament, here are a few handy tips to consider when looking for a lawyer:

  1. Make sure you find a lawyer who has had experience handling legal issues similar to your issue.  Many lawyers will pass themselves off as experienced, and they can talk a big game when you discuss your issue with them.  Make sure they can spot the issues in your case, and they can intelligently talk about how to handle them.  The most important part of a lawyer’s job is to spot the problematic issues in a client’s case, and develop a sound strategy to resolve them.
  2. Make sure you are comfortable talk to this attorney.  No one wants to hire an attorney that makes them feel self-conscious whenever they talk to them.   After you meet with the attorney, ask yourself if you feel comfortable telling them private details about your life, and what led you to be involved in your current legal predicament.
  3. If the lawyer does not answer your call within 24 hours, or send you a response within 24 hours that he/she received your call and will return it soon, walk away.  The most frequent grievance clients file against their attorney is that the attorney failed to respond to call/email them back.
  4. Finally, interview as many attorneys as possible before deciding who to hire to represent you.  As I stated above, the process of looking for and hiring an attorney is a stressful.  Minimize the potential stress to yourself by doing a thorough and deliberative search, and interview.